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Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant
Express Consults

Express consults are for families who would like some advice quickly, and feel comfortable implementing strategies independently. All express consults require you to complete a detailed  sleep questionnaire before advice is provided. 

Thorough assessment and fully customised sleep plan which addresses:

  • Scheduling

  • Routines

  • Bedtime

  • Night wakings

  • Naps

  • Short naps

  • Settling techniques

  • Thorough assessment​

  • 30 minute phone call where advice is provided and additional questions can be presented.

  • Can address nap times, bedtimes, settling techniques, and so on. 

  • Thorough assessment​

  • 1 -3 page document delivered via email. This will outline positive aspects of current sleep habits, key strategies and/or changes to implement, and rationale behind recommendations

Express Consult Info: About
Mother and Baby

After something a little more DIY?

sleep guide tailored for your little one's age is a great place to start. 

Image by Tuva Mathilde Løland


“A week later we began to have a well rested, and overall happier baby.” 

—  Renee, Auckland NZ

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