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happy baby
Toni & Tom 
with Eden (10 months)

Caitlin has had the most spectacular impact on, not only my son’s sleep, but the general wellbeing and happiness of our entire household.


Eden had been waking 6 or 7 times a night for the last 6 months when we reached out. On the third night of her program he slept for 10 hours straight and has only been waking once to feed ever since.


I loved her approach because it was so gentle. We had tried other programs that led to our son crying for over 2 hours, and I thought we would never find the solution. The first night on Caitlin’s program Eden actually fell asleep holding my hand in about 7mins. Now we put him down, say good night, leave the room, and he takes himself to sleep with no tears, and in less than a minute! We will be forever grateful for her detailed care and the constant communication in the weeks that followed.

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