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As a Sleep Consultant I work with families like yours everyday.


You love your children endlessly and strive to support them in every area possible, but for some reason things just don't seem to be clicking with sleep. 


Adequate sleep is extremely important for your little one's development. What's more, you yourself need adequate sleep to maintain your own physical and mental health.


As the saying goes, "You cannot pour from an empty cup". 


I am sure that the sleep programs available at Bedtime Baby would be a great fit for you and your little one.


With these programs parents see their children falling asleep independently and sleeping through the night -- sometimes as quickly as three days.

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“Eden had been waking 6 or 7 times a night for the last 6 months when we reached out. On the third night of her program he slept for 10 hours straight and has only been waking once to feed ever since.” 

—  Toni, Ipswich QLD

“Having Caitlin to guide us and to message (sometimes to vent haha) has been invaluable. It's taken a lot of the stress off and has ensured that we didn't give up.” 

—  Abby, Brisbane QLD


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  • Do you have to hold/rock/bounce/pat your baby to sleep?


  • Does your baby always fall asleep with the bottle or at the breast?


  • Do you have to wake up to settle your child several times a night?​


  • Does your child wake early in the morning?


  • Does your child ever need to be held/driven/walked in the pram to sleep or nap?

Are you exhausted from doing all of this?


At Bedtime Baby you'll receive ... 


  • A thorough assessment to ensure I understand your family as a whole. 


  • An individualised plan to ensure the program is tailored for you and your child. 


  • Daily sleep log analysis to ensure your little one's sleep hours are on track. 


  • 2 - 3 weeks of direct support to enable us to troubleshoot progress and setbacks together and set your little one up as best possible for success with the program. 


  • Check in phone calls to be scheduled at your convenience for any more in depth discussions you may want to have.


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