I'm Caitlin, and I work with parents just like you everyday -- parents who love their kids so much and want to support them in every area they can.


The only trouble is, they find their little one won't sleep well no matter what they try. They're stuck wondering "How do I help my baby sleep?!".


As someone who works so hard to care for other people all day, you of all people deserve a solid night’s rest.


I am sure that the sleep programs available at Bedtime Baby would be a great fit for you and little one. With these programs parents see their children falling asleep independently and sleeping through the night -- sometimes as quickly as three days!


  • Do you have to rock/pat your baby to sleep?

  • Does your baby always fall asleep with the bottle or at the breast?

  • Do you have to wake up to settle your child several times a night?

  • Does your child wake early in the morning?

  • Does your child ever need to be held/driven/walked in the pram to sleep or nap?

Are you exhausted from doing all of this?



How good would it feel to go from exhausted and defeated with your little one's sleep to happy, energetic, and able to tackle this parenting gig head on?

  • What would it look like to have some time to yourself again?

  • Imagine feeling more happy and relaxed.

  • You would be able to check your emails, have a shower, even eat a meal without interruption while your child sleeps!

You are a bright, dedicated, and caring parent. You wouldn't be here on this page if you weren't. 

You deserve a break. Some time to yourself, some sleep for yourself!! 


  • I'm a mother myself. 

  • I'm a certified Sleep Consultant

  • I'm a certified Speech Pathologist

  • I have almost 10 years of combined experience working with children. 

With my combined experience you'll benefit not only from my expertise in childhood sleep, but my knowledge of behaviour, relationship attachment, and emotional regulation. 



At Bedtime Baby you'll receive ... 

  • A thorough assessment to ensure I understand your family as a whole. 

  • An individualised plan to ensure the program is tailored for you and your child. 

  • 2 - 3 weeks of direct support to enable us to troubleshoot progress and setbacks together and set your little one up as best possible for success with the program. 

  • Check in phone calls to be scheduled at your convenience for any more in depth discussions you may want to have.



"I simply can not recommend this enough. I think every parent should be in touch with this program at some point!"

(Jess, NSW)

"We will be forever grateful for her detailed care and the constant communication in the weeks that followed."

(Toni, QLD)

"Most importantly I feel empowered as a mum and feel that I now know how to tackle any future sleeping hurdles that we may come across."

(Annaliece, SA)

Parents who use my programs notice results within the first week. 

What makes working with me at Bedtime Baby like no other is that I am on call for you throughout the duration of the program. 

I am 110% committed to seeing your little one succeed with their sleep journey, which means you will always see results with my program.

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Stop searching for the solution to your child's sleep difficulties.

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“A week later we began to have a well rested, and overall happier baby.” 

—  Renee, Auckland NZ

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