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Sleep Guides

Want to create some healthy sleep habits for your little one but don't know where to start? A sleep guide will give you all the information you need. 

Whether you're building the foundations or breaking down some unhelpful habits, these guides are great to invest in no matter what the stage of your sleep journey.

"Other Sleep specialists would say oh he’s just a strong willed baby, we had tried every sleep product out. Within 3-5 days Caitlin had helped me to get Oakey sleeping 3-4 hour blocks at a time and not to mention having day naps which he had never done unless in the car."

Renee, QLD

"I was blown away by her consistent, timely responses to us throughout the program and I felt that she truly listened and understood us. Caitlin’s individualised program was easy to follow and she explained very clearly the reasons behind her methods"

Annaliece, SA

"Caitlin was friendly, supportive, precise and always available whenever I needed. We were able to get Henry to sleep every night at 8pm in no time! She was very clear in her instructions and was just the right push I needed to solve this problem."

Jess, ACT

It was exactly what we needed, she gave us so much support, she is a really exceptional sleep consultant. Best thing we ever did. My toddler can now sleep right through the night, be rested and go to sleep on her own. It is absolutely amazing.

Shakira, QLD

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