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Infants and toddlers do not simply ‘grow out’ of any sleep problems they may be experiencing. In fact, research has found that babies who don’t sleep go on to become toddlers who don’t sleep, and then young children who don’t sleep. Up to 84% of children who have sleep problems at a young age will continue to have problems three years later. 

If you're worried about your little one's sleep, book in a free initial consult now so we can discuss their individual sleep needs. 

Sleepy Baby

Setting Up Successful Sleep

(0 - 16 weeks)

For babies who ...

  • change sleep schedules from day to day

  • sleep all day but the appear awake and alert for hours at night

  • take lots of movement naps in the car, pram, carrier, etc.

  • cry when you place them in the bassinet

  • never seem to want to go to sleep

Sleep Solutions

(4 months - 2.5 years)

For babies and toddlers who ...

  • take forever to fall asleep

  • wake multiple times a night

  • take only short naps

  • refuse naps all together

  • wake early in the morning

  • need to be held, rocked, pat, or fed to sleep

  • cry when left alone to sleep

Boy on a Bed

Saving Sleep

(2.5 - 3.5 years)

For children who ...

  • put up a nightly battle at bedtime

  • procrastinate at bedtime (one more drink, I need to go to the toilet, etc.)

  • needs to fall asleep in parents' bed

  • climb into parents' bed in the middle of the night

  • take hours to fall asleep

  • need you to lie with them to fall asleep

  • wake multiple times a night 

Express Consults

(phone & email)

For quick advice on ... 

  • settling techniques

  • daily schedule

  • bedtime and naptime routines

  • managing night wakings

  • managing early wakings 

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