Caitlin Cavanough

How I got here ...

I’m Caitlin. I’m a nurturer at the core. I’m an animal lover, an explorer, a wife, a mother, a Speech Pathologist, and of course – a Certified Sleep Consultant. I’ve made it my mission to help families to teach their little ones the skill of sleep.


Why? Because I’ve been in your shoes before!

After working as a Speech Pathologist for seven years I took leave to welcome my baby girl, Amelia, to the world. When Amelia was about 4 months old she began having troubles linking her sleep cycles, which meant 30 minute cat naps throughout the day and countless night wakings. It was chaos in the house for everyone! That is what inspired me to embark on my journey of all things sleep.

My approach is based not only on research but also my own experience as a mother, and of course the experience I bring along from having worked as a Speech Pathologist.

As a mother, I understand the stress of trying to cope with a little one who isn’t sleeping well. If they’re not sleeping well, neither are you… and there begins the vicious cycle.

As a Speech Pathologist I worked specifically with children who had complex support needs in the areas of communication, behaviour, and emotion. All key developmental areas which can come into play when teaching children to sleep easier.

Now, I combine these experiences along with the knowledge I’ve gained from my intensive studies of childhood sleep to help families develop sleep routines and behaviours they could only have dreamed of previously.