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Caitlin Cavanough

About Me - The Gentle Sleep Specialist

Hi! I’m Caitlin, and I am a Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant.


If you are looking for advice on how to get your little one sleeping successfully, a structured sleep plan can be the solution – but it should never feel uncomfortable or forced for you as a parent. I spend my days helping families by teaching parents like you gentle, evidence based strategies to improve their little one’s sleep.


Because parents are able to trust in the strategies that I teach them, my gentle sleep programs achieve results within two weeks. The success of these sleep programs allows you to relish in the more enjoyable aspects of parenthood. Children with healthy sleep habits are happier, more inquisitive, and better prepared to interact with the world around them.


I work with dedicated, caring parents from all across Australia and New Zealand. Despite their best efforts, the common problem that many parents find themselves facing is that their little one takes forever to fall asleep, wakes several times a night, or always needs to be supported to fall asleep – whatever it is, no one in this scenario is sleeping well!


I work not only as a Gentle Sleep Specialist but also as an early childhood Speech Pathologist, where I specialise in the areas of behaviour and emotion – two key developmental areas which come into play when teaching children to sleep easier. I am able to draw on my knowledge from these areas when guiding families through their gentle sleep programs.


The sleep programs that I deliver here at Bedtime Baby are individually tailored for each child, ensuring that all families are able to implement them in a way that feels comfortable and suited for them.  As a mother myself I understand the importance of having a sense of trust in the parenting approaches that you implement, and I endeavour to make you feel comfortable and supported the whole way through.


To learn more about the Bedtime Baby sleep programs and how they could benefit you, follow the link below to book in a free initial consult!

"Caitlin has had the most spectacular impact on, not only my son’s sleep, but the general wellbeing and happiness of our entire household."

Toni, QLD

"Within the first week of the program I saw a huge improvement, our baby responded so well to the techniques and structure that Caitlin provided."

Becky, NSW

"When we made contact with Caitlin she gave us both confidence and knowledge to be able to do what’s best for our son!"

Rachael, VIC

"I was able to half my daughters night feeds, she now self soothes and settles herself back to sleep with no help from me during all of her sleeps."

Annaliece, SA

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About Me: About Me
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