Private Consultations

Each of the sleep packages offered here includes a one on one consultation with advice that is tailored specifically for you and your child. During the time we work together I will help you to solve your child’s sleep difficulties using an approach that feels comfortable for you.


(0 - 16 weeks)

Babies & Toddlers
(4 months - 3+ years)

Express Consults

(all ages)


Setting up Successful Sleep

Why wait until sleep is an issue? This program will support you to set your little one up for healthy and successful sleep habits from day one, ensuring restful nights for all involved!


Sleep Solutions

This is our most popular program - suited for those who are struggling to gain momentum with a consistent sleep routine or have found themselves stuck in rituals that are difficult to maintain.

Mother and Baby

Phone & Email

Express consults are perfect for quick tips on the go. You will receive fast turn around answers for all things bedtime routine, nap schedules, early wake-ups, soothing techniques .. you name it!